This stage is all about choosing a look that both suits you and is achievable. Once you’ve chosen your perfect style, we’ll mix colours to match your skin type and tone and brow hair. You’ll need to perform a patch test at least 12 hours before the procedure, this tests for allergies to any products used.


Once you’re satisfied with your perfect shape, I will use specialist equipment to apply high grade pigment to the skin. You won’t feel any discomfort, just a vibration and a slight scratching sensation. It takes 3 – 5 days for the ink to soften in colour to the desired shade.


Aftercare is simple, but very important.  I’ll talk you through how to look after your skin following the treatment, and you’ll receive aftercream and instructions on how and when to apply. It’s very important you apply aftercare as per instructions to get

the best results.


Around 4 to 8 weeks after your initial treatment you’ll need your follow up procedure.

The procedure prevents fading and is achieved by adding more pigment to the area you had your initial treatment. 


There are many reasons to have eyebrow enhancement:

  • Cosmetic and ease

  • Combat over plucking

  • Fill gaps in otherwise full brows

  • Battle hair loss

Choose from Powder, Combination or Ombre

Cost: £300.00


A blush of colour can give a healthy, natural look 24/7. It adds definition to the lip border and can easily give a youthful look and add fullness. Each shade of colour is mixed bespoke for you.

Choose from Full Lip Blush or Lip Liner

Cost: £300.00


Enhance your eyes by giving definition to the lashes, and achieve a daily, smudgeproof look.

Choose from Eyelash Enhancement, Latino Style Eyeliner or Shaded Eyeliner

Cost: £300.00

Colour Boosters

Top ups are important to maintain the desired look as fading will occur over time. The longer left between appointments will result in more work required. Topping up gives you the opportunity to prolong your current style, or alter your design.

12 - 24 months top up

Cost: £150.00

2 - 3 years top up

Cost: £200.00

3+ years top up



Rachael, 35

“Honestly, when I came to you I didn't expect to be as chuffed as I am with the results, as I didn't think it was possible to achieve the look I wanted with my brows. Thank you so much, I'd recommend you to anyone.” 


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